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product liability Archives

Court denies Mansanto's motion for summary judgment

Hawaiians might have heard about the potential dangers of Roundup and its alleged link to cancer. Recently, a California court denied Monsanto's motion for summary judgment against three plaintiffs who are suing based on the company's failure to warn about the dangers of glyphosate.

Tesla crashes raise questions about electric car safety

Car buyers in Hawaii and around the country who are looking for vehicles with green credentials and sophisticated technology often choose electric cars made by Tesla. The California-based manufacturer's cars are powered by large lithium ion batteries and feature semi-autonomous systems including the much heralded Autopilot feature, but a series of deadly crashes involving Teslas has raised concerns about their safety and attracted the attention of federal crash investigators.

Trucks recalled for power steering failures

Trucks manufactured by a major automaker are being recalled due to failures in their power steering. The Italian-American company, which sells models in Hawaii and throughout the world, has already had a major recall already in 2019. The other problem was related to exploding airbags and involved more than one and a half million vehicles. No crashes or injuries have yet to be contributed to the power-steering problem.

How companies decide when to recall a product

Consumers in Hawaii may face unexpected risks when they buy common household products. Toys, furniture and even supplements can be defective, poorly made or dangerous. Some well-known product recalls make the news, especially when serious injuries or fatalities are involved, but many consumers don't know much about the process that companies use to determine when to issue a recall.

A products liability claim allows multiple theories of liability

Products liability law is the field of law whereby each segment within the chain of manufacture may be held liable for damage caused by a product. This may include the actual manufacturer, the assembler, the wholesaler and the Hawaii retailer of the product. The consumer who purchased the product or someone who used the product may be potential plaintiffs. The claim may be filed under a negligence theory, as a tortious misrepresentation, as a warranty claim or under strict liability.

Kia car owners await instructions after air bag defect recall

Owners of some Kia vehicles in Hawaii are waiting for the Korean automobile manufacturer to determine how to fix faulty airbag systems that have prompted a recall. Shortly after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated deaths caused by airbag failures in certain Kia models, the company issued a recall of over 500,000 vehicles in the United States.

425,000 smoke detectors recalled for manufacturing defect

Hawaii homeowners and apartment renters may be interested to learn that, on March 22, it was reported that United Technologies Corporation UTX issued a recall for 425,000 Kidde smoke alarms. The company said that there were manufacturing defects that could cause the alarm to fail to alert owners of a fire.

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