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Victims recount sexual abuse by nuns.

Much has been made of the sexual abuse scandal of Catholic priests. Stories of abuse going back decades have been published in the national news as well as in Hawaii. Over the past 50 years, there have been over 10,000 accusations of sexually predatory behavior involving several thousand priests.

Allegations against nuns in the Catholic Church are not nearly as prevalent, but they do exist. Credible allegations against more than 100 nuns have been identified to date. But they are treated differently than against priests. The Church has not taken responsibility for misconduct by nuns and has left investigations to their separate orders.

Nuns, like priests, belong to orders or societies. But where the Church itself has set up a recovery fund to compensate victims, it has not done so with orders for nuns. Victims must approach the specific order individually.

In the case of one alleged victim, she has made her accusations public. She claims that in the 60's, she was befriended by a nun when she was 15. Formal and informal meetings took place. One night, she passed out and later realized her drink was laced with a drug and she became the victim of a sexual assault.

After an investigation was conducted by the order and believed credible, the nun in question was prohibited from contacting anyone under the age of 21. There was a small financial settlement. Later, the person sought and obtained costs for future therapy to cope with PTSD.

Sexual abuse can occur in all walks of life by people of many different occupations. Victims often have a difficult time proving allegations or in worse cases, finding the right people to listen. At these times, an attorney may be useful in gathering facts and holding the proper parties responsible.

Source:WITF, "Invisible Victims Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Nuns Demand to be Counted," Laura Benshoff/WHYY | Apr 10, 2019

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