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Man paralyzed after late diagnosis of West Nile

Anyone in Hawaii who has suffered from West Nile virus is likely familiar with the symptoms of fevers, headaches and body tremors. In serious cases, however, the virus can cause the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed, sending the victim to the hospital. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that there is no specific vaccine or antiviral treatment for West Nile. But those with a mild form can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications or fever reducers.

One man in Nebraska suffered paralysis and damaged hearing as a result of the virus. However, an alleged delayed diagnosis proved to be a major factor in his case. Four years earlier, the man was bitten by a mosquito while mowing his lawn and, knowing that a neighbor was lately diagnosed with West Nile, went to the doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor dismissed the idea that he had West Nile and did not perform a blood test to detect the virus.

Ten days later, the man was sent to the hospital with a fever of 102 degrees. His diagnosis of West Nile was confirmed, but too late. Four years later, he has spent everything he has to pay for medical expenses. Currently, a GoFundMe page is helping to support his cause. He says that he is determined one day to walk again.

This is one example of how medical malpractice can cause serious injuries in the long run. Victims who believe they have a malpractice case may do well to consult with a lawyer; the lawyer could conduct an evaluation and request an inquiry with the local medical board. Third parties could come in to determine the exact extent of the injuries, and the lawyer could handle all negotiations so that the maximum settlement can be achieved. As a last resort, the lawyer could prepare for litigation.

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