Mental Health Assistance

Trying to deal with the consequences of childhood sexual abuse on your own is impossible. You need the assistance of a qualified mental health professional to help you process your feelings and get your mental health conditions under control.

At the Law Office of Brian K. Mackintosh, Ltd., I am an advocate for child sexual assault survivors in Hawaii. As a trial lawyer, I am dedicated to helping my clients pursue their legal rights. However, I recognize that justice in the courtroom is only one part of the healing process. Adult mental health care is another key component of not letting past trauma continue to hinder your life.

Mental Health Assistance For Survivors

Even if you have been under the care of a psychiatrist or therapist in the past, filing a lawsuit against your predator and the institution that protected him or her can bring up a great deal of old thoughts and feelings. I can help arrange for mental health counseling before and after any point in the case that requires you to discuss the abuse you experienced.

Being an attorney who represents sexual assault survivors means working closely with psychologists who specialize in trauma. I work with some of the leading expert witnesses in Hawaii to build a case connecting your symptoms to your abuse. The testimony of these witnesses will be a major benefit to your chances of success.

Private Legal Consultations

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