Surgical Error Representation

Most surgical procedures require total concentration and a commitment to the patient's safety in order to succeed. Unfortunately, surgical errors regularly happen in Hawaii, with patients suffering the consequences.

At the Law Office of Brian K. Mackintosh, Ltd., I help victims of surgical errors make sure they do not have to pay the bills caused by their surgeon's negligence. More importantly, as your attorney I will help you confront the surgeon who harmed you and make sure they never do it again.

Surgical Errors Deserve Justice And Compensation

Common surgical errors include:

  • Operating on the incorrect body part, known as wrong-site surgery
  • Leaving surgical sponges or other foreign objects inside the patient's body
  • Failing to take prompt action when complications arise
  • Infection due to unsanitary conditions

Experts call these "never events" because they should never happen if the surgical team takes reasonable precautions. If you have experienced surgical error, you are likely living with chronic pain and disability. You may no longer be able to earn an income, and your quality of life could be forever limited. You will probably require another operation to fix the damage suffered during the first surgery.

When you retain me, I will work with expert witnesses to determine exactly what happened to you, and how much you are entitled to in compensation. I am an experienced trial lawyer who has helped hundreds of clients reach a positive result in their lawsuits.

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