I Fight Back When You Have Been Misdiagnosed

The Law Office of Brian K. Mackintosh, Ltd., provides high-quality, affordable legal representation to people in Hawaii who did not receive timely medical attention due to negligent misdiagnosis. It is my mission to enforce patients' rights against substandard medical care.

Misdiagnosis And Your Health

While many diseases are difficult to diagnose and good doctors do not always get it right the first time, there is no excuse for negligent failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis. Doctors who ignore their patients as they describe their symptoms or do not order the necessary tests generally fail to improve their patients' condition.

In fact, victims of this form of medical malpractice are at serious risk of getting sicker — perhaps past the point where full recovery is possible. With most serious illnesses, such as cancer, early detection and treatment are vital. A negligent doctor's mistake can stop this from happening.

I Am A Honolulu-Based Medical Malpractice Attorney

My Honolulu law practice represents plaintiffs against doctors, hospitals and their medical malpractice insurance companies. Malpractice law is highly technical. As a personal injury attorney, I have the resources to build you a persuasive case for the jury.

No-Cost Initial Consultations

For a free initial case evaluation, please contact my Honolulu office at 808-517-1388. I represent clients in Hawaii and across the Hawaiian Islands.